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  • June 29, 2009

    Today, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced a $1.3M settlement with Clifton Telecard Alliance One (CTA) for calling card fraud. Also named in the settlement was Mustafa Qattous, the owner of CTA. The settlement resolves a lawsuit filed by the FTC against Clifton in April, 2008.

    Federal Trade Commission

    The FTC charged that CTA "misrepresented the number of calling minutes consumers would get with its calling cards, charged hidden fees, and failed to disclose that consumers’ cards will be charged whether or not the calls are connected".

    As part of the settlement, Clifton is ordered not to misrepresent the number of minutes of talk time a customer can expect to receive. As well, CTA is required to fully and "conspicuously disclose any material limitations" on the use of their cards, including all applicable fees.

  • June 17, 2009

    Today, the IDT Corporation announced that they were buying the remaining 49% of Union Telecard Alliance (UTA) that they don't already own.

    Union Telecard Alliance

    UTA, which was founded by Carlos Gomez in May, 2003, is the exclusive distributor of IDT prepaid calling cards in the United States.

    UTA has built a network of over 850 sub-distributors that sell IDT Telecom calling cards in retail outlets around the United States. Union Telecard Alliance also sells cards through it's website

    In addition to card distribution, UTA is also involved in developing IDT's calling card marketing strategies, including ideas for developing new calling card products.

  • May 11, 2009
    Total Call International

    Total Call International (TCI), a Los Angeles based telecommunications provider that markets prepaid calling cards and other services, has settled a calling card fraud suit brought by the State of California.

    "Total Call International has raked in profits by advertising bargain basement prices then charging exorbitant fees when their cards were used." Attorney General Edmund G. Brown said. "Today's agreement safeguards California's consumers by forcing this company to fully disclose hidden and deceptive calling card fees."

    Among other items, the suit against Total Call International (TCI) charged that the company was defrauding by charging steep undisclosed fees to its customers. In particular, the company was accused of charging 'hidden and deceptive' fees on its prepaid calling cards.

  • April 22, 2009

    Friendster, a top 20 global website and the #1 social network in Asia, announced they are launching a global prepaid calling card called The Friendster Loop.

    The Friendster Loop

    As a leading social network, Friendster has millions of members in countries around the world. Friendster is especially strong in Asia.

    The Friendster Loop calling card is designed to connect Friendster's members to their friends and family in countries worldwide. The calling card provides an added benefit to Friendster members while also giving the company a potential lucrative new revenue source.

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