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World's Longest Phone Call

With sponsorship support from, two students from Harvard University are attempting to break a Guinness world record by making the longest phone call in history.

Longest phone call

The attempt will take place tomorrow and Friday (January 19th and 20th) at Harvard.

The phone call is slated to last at least 43 hours, 8 minutes, 55 seconds. Can you imagine? Nearly 2 full days!!

Presumably, these two folks are gifted gabbers. We wouldn't stand a chance.

To meet the standards of Guinness to be credited with a new World Record, the pair must meet an exacting set of rules. Thankfully, it sounds like rest breaks are allowed, but otherwise they can't pause for even 10 seconds during the official time frame. That's pretty stringent.

We wish them good luck.

Additional information:

Announcement - includes links to follow the event via and twitter

Official website


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